Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quick firefox tip

So I found out a neat thing about firefox. 

If you install via the repositories in synaptic, you get an older version of firefox.  If you go to the mozilla site ( you can download the newest version (6.0) which has some useful features (right click context menu is better organized, you can copy a web address and right click in the address bar and instead of clicking "paste" and then clicking the little green triangle, you can click "paste and go" which is a real nice time saver).  Only drawback I found is that when it prompts you if you want to update, it may break some of your add-ons (reloadevery, which I use on a daily basis, broke when I updated one of my computer's firefox, so be careful when you update because you may break your add-ons.  Also since it just gives you a binary file when you download it you'll want to put the entire firefox folder that you extract somewhere like usr/bin or somewhere where you keep your programs (I just made a folder inside my home folder called programs), then to open it you just run firefox by clicking on the firefox file (and you can drag it to a panel to create a panel shortcut and I'm pretty sure if you wanted to you could add it to the main context menu).